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a zero emission
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No more waste

Enerpy processes waste that nobody else processes or recycles. No more toxic, CO2 emitting export, landfills and incineration.

Zero emission

Enerpy processing is emission free. Zero CO2 emission. The future clean processing ovens are heated by solar, wind and hydrogen.

Energy transition

Enerpy transforms waste into high value syngas, pyrolyses oil and carbon for circular usability and steam for city heating and electricity generation

Harvesting energy from previously unusable waste

One oven prevents CO2 emission equal to emission of 26.800 fossil fueled cars per year.

ENERLYSE The Green Factory

Harvesting energy from previously unusable waste worldwide

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A zero emission processing method

Enerlyse is Enerpy’s worldwide patented method of converting waste into circularly applicable raw materials from gas, oil and carbon, also releasing steam for city heating and electricity production.


Proven technology

A proven robust technology, operational since over a decade in Paraguay and further developed in the Netherlands.


Transforming of waste

Transforming of waste, including non-recyclable waste that no other recycling, pyrolysis or waste management company can recycle or manage. This problematic waste is today being dumped in landfills or incinerated, a source of pollution and emission.

enerpy no waste no emission truck

Enerlyse – process description

Enerlyse optimises the use of heat radiation in combination with a heat-absorbing material. Molecules are broken from a solid substance into gas at a high frequency. Only carbon and inert materials remain. These gases are collected and parts of them are cooled to a liquid in the form of oil.


The material to be processed is inserted into the oven in a filled cartridge batch. The cartridge is heated from the radiant heat in the oven generated with hydrogen. After the reaction in the cartridge, the gas is led to three condensers. These eliminate the heat to cool to a temperature lower than 10 degrees Celsius. The extracted oil is drained from the condensers. The gas leaves the condensers via a scrubber and is ready for circular use.

Advantages of Enerlyse

The usage of a cartridge avoids direct contact between the processed material and the heat source. As a result, the risk of explosion during the process is avoided. The material to be processed does not need to be reduced in size. As no rotating parts are used, malfunctions and blockages are prevented and no extra maintenance is required. Continuous processing is facilitated by the use of multiple cartridges. When processing of materials is finalised, one or more new cartridges are inserted.


Due to indirect heating and optimal use of heat radiation on the cartridge, there is minimal energy loss. Enerlyse = zero-emission, as the oven can be heated with hydrogen, wind and solar and there’s no direct contact between the heat source and the waste.


A single enerlyse production line can be used for the processing of different feedstocks.

big impact

zero emission